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"Fostering Security is  a training          programme designed    for parents and  caregivers"

Fostering security child

The Fostering Security training programme is for caregivers who are raising children who have had experiences of trauma, abuse, loss and/or neglect, and who often have resulting attachment difficulties.  The FS programme is jointly facilitated by the Child, Adolescent & Family Service (CAFS) and Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children (OT) in an attempt to integrate mental health services and social care services in interventions for children in care.  The programme is currently offered in Hawke’s Bay, Auckland, and Christchurch in New Zealand.


The Fostering Security programme aims to support caregivers so that they are better able to understand and manage the child’s behaviours, and understand and manage their own responses to the child’s behaviour, with the long-term aim being the prevention of placement breakdowns. 

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